Casino Cashback

At Crazy Fox Casino your game play is always insured by 20% Real Money Cashback
*Minimal daily loss to trigger is €$25
*Terms & Conditions apply

Casino Cashback Bonuses

As with every other anti-intuitive tendency in online casino world, casino cashback bonuses are not very welcomed by the players. However, mathematically this is the less profitable type of reward that casino can offer. It is also the fairest type of online casino bonus.

If you are looking for this particular reward, then on this page you will find regularly updated list of best cashback bonuses in top online casinos.

What is cashback in a casino?

There is not much to say about this matter, everything is very simple. If you lose your deposit, casino returns some portion of it back as a cashback. Just don’t get emotionally connected to the word ‘loss’, because it is a casino and its existence is possible only because its players lose more often than they win. If you are not okay with the reality, I suggest you to not gamble at all.

What is a good cashback percent?

If it is a real money cashback, then I would say that 20% is great. Actually, in casinos I have worked at, more than 20% would mean expenses higher than the income. So if an online casino offers 20% or for some reason even higher, grab this offer by its tail. You probably will play without any restrictions, and if you get unlucky and lose, you will get your coveted second chance at the redemption.

If you are still not into cashback, on the page of Best Casino Bonuses you can learn about other types of casino bonuses.